DAO Montenegro | Organizational Challenges in the Global Crisis

Don't miss out on the opportunity to visit Montenegro this year, or you may regret it.

Right now, developers, DAO builders, and network state explorers worldwide are making their way to Montenegro like pilgrims.

The 2023 Community Ethereum Development Conference (EDCON) is set to take place from May 19th to May 23rd in Montenegro, featuring renowned speakers such as Vitalik and Balaji

SeeDAO is excited to announce the upcoming DAO Conference in Montenegro's capital on May 22nd. At this event, global explorers of DAOs and network states will convene to discuss cutting-edge topics, share their experiences with practitioners from around the world, and collaborate on shaping the future of this field. The conference will focus on organizational challenges in the context of a global crisis.

If you're joining us in Montenegro, you can look forward to engaging in discussions on a wide range of topics.

01 :DAO Montenegro: Organizational Challenges in a Global Crisis

The global landscape is undergoing unprecedented upheaval. Geopolitical turmoil, AI-induced job displacement, and a fragile macroeconomic and financial system have created a precarious existence for the general public. The corporate system no longer provides long-term economic security for those who have been unemployed for extended periods of time, while refugees are left without a home to call their own.

The world is currently facing a deep crisis with technological advancements reaching a historic turning point, creating a large amount of uncertainty and posing a danger to human civilization. From atomic bombs to AGI, and biochemical experiments that threaten human survival, the prediction by Kurzweil that artificial intelligence will surpass humans in the future has become increasingly realistic. It is possible that one day humanity may perish because of technology, as technology has developed far beyond the evolution of organizational systems. The open letter calling for a halt to the development of more powerful AI than GPT-4 best represents the current situation.

Join us at DAO Montenegro to discuss these pressing issues and the organizational challenges that come with a global crisis. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of this crucial conversation. Will you join us?

02 Conference Themes

1) Transhumanism

Can technology control and repair the human body like a machine? Is it conceivable for humans to live for 1000 years and attain computational power akin to that of a divine entity? With continuous advancements in science and technology, can we enhance our mental, physical, and cognitive abilities, surmount disabilities, diseases, pain, aging, and even death?

Let's explore the trajectories of AGI, longevity, network states, and crypto, and contemplate the future of transhumanism.

2) Public Goods and DeSci

What is the current state of public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem? How has their funding model evolved?

Why has the Decentralized Scientific Network (DeSci) made such strides in the field of biology? Could blockchain technology pave the way for a new global academic network? And will the emergence of AGI accelerate the formation and growth of such networks?

Join us as we hear from thought leaders at Gitcoin, NounsDAO, and in the DeSci space, and learn about the latest advancements in public goods and decentralized science.

3) DAOs: A New Way of Organizing

Can DAOs tackle the problem of mass unemployment resulting from AI and help individuals find new meaning in the social hierarchy?

How can we connect different DAOs to optimize and integrate resources across national and sectoral boundaries, and facilitate the realization of shared visions by providing more diversified services?

What are the emerging trends in DAO development across different public chain ecosystems, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cosmos?

Join us to explore new organizational solutions amid geopolitical crises and productivity revolutions driven by AI. Let's discuss how DAOs can be applied to different social organizations, effective governance structures, and sustainable business models.

4)DAO Tools: A Philosophical Perspective

The emergence of DAOs has given rise to new tools that shape our understanding of what DAOs can be. In this section, we will explore the DAO toolset, the impact of artificial intelligence on DAO tools, and how Web3 applications can achieve mass adoption through DAOs. Our main focus will be on the philosophical perspective behind these DAO tools and the kind of organizations people hope to create using them.

5) Network States and Digital Nomads

Can network states offer a new model to safeguard individuals from the negative impacts of geopolitical conflicts and increase their options?

How can we foster communication and cooperation between people from diverse cultural, linguistic, and social backgrounds in digital city-states and establish a genuine global community?

What is the current state of network state development in Africa and how can it continue to progress?

6) Creator Economy in the Post-GPT Era

In this section, we will delve into the impact of AGI on the creator economy, creator cooperatives, and the future of content consumption. We will also explore topics such as machine production and reading, the challenges faced by creators in the post-GPT era, and effective coping strategies. Join us as we explore these fascinating topics through a variety of formats.

03 Event Format

The event will consist of three main formats:

  1. Sharing and Presentations: We will invite global DAO builders and network state explorers to share their stories, practices, and thoughts on stage.

  2. Workshops: We will engage in in-depth discussions based on topics of interest to all of us, and jointly produce potential solutions and consensus.

  3. Roundtable Discussions: We will invite top builders from different audiences and regions to discuss a series of issues, exploring the possibilities of establishing international cooperation from DAO to DAO.

04 Confirmed Speakers (Continuously Inviting)

Shrey Jain

Shrey Jain is an applied scientist at Microsoft Research and a decentralized social technology expert, the first author of Plural Publics, and an invited guest at 2023 EDCON.

Sheen Hu

Sheen Hu is the CEO of MXC DAO. Meta x Connect is a public network that enables anyone to create value by bringing real-world assets into Web3. Since the launch of ERC20 tokens, MXC has become one of the largest LPWAN IoT networks in the world and a successful case in the Web3 ecosystem.


Core at VitaDAO, in charge of longevity awards, Chairman of Vietnam UWC, community organizer and longevity activist at Zuzalu.


Michael is a co-founder of Humanity. Humanity is dedicated to building a network platform that covers 1 billion people for a healthy, longevity life, helping all humanity to delay aging and maximize healthy lifespan.

Audrey Tang

Audrey Tang is the founder of DRK Lab. DRK Lab invests in long-termism projects, the ongoing Web3 Youth Scholars Program, and the creation of a long-term, innovation- and creativity-focused builder community.

Han Tang

Co-founder of SeeDAO. SeeDAO is the most influential DAO in the Chinese-speaking world,with the goal of building a digital city-state connecting 1 million people.

Huang Sun-Quan

PhD in Architecture from National Taiwan University, curator, art activist, guest professor at the School of Cross-media Art of China Academy of Art, and director of the Institute of Network Society.

Liu Guo

Co-founder of Matters.

Dr. Sun

Sociologist and founder of Comupage.

Jake Hartnell

Founder of DAO DAO, DAO DAO is a DAO that builds DAOs. Building powerful open-source tools for DAOs.


Founder of Mask Network, Mask Network is committed to becoming a gateway to help users seamlessly transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, building a bridge to the new open network on the current network.


Founder of Afropolitan Network, a curator for Black and African people committed to providing the best services for the African people in art, finance, technology, health, energy, sports, and media.


Community leader of DAOStar, DAOStar is an organization that develops shared metadata standards for DAO development.

05 More on-site activities - WHAT IS EDCON 2023?

EDCON, the Community Ethereum Development Conference, is a non-profit global annual Ethereum conference held in different countries every year (Paris in 2017, Toronto in 2018, Sydney in 2019, online in 2020-2021, San Francisco in 2022). EDCON is dedicated to serving the Ethereum ecosystem, promoting communication and interaction within the global Ethereum community. It will bring together experts from the Ethereum field to discuss the latest developments and trends in Ethereum technology, as well as explore the potential of Ethereum-based solutions to address various business and social challenges. In addition to speeches and panel discussions, the event will also provide networking opportunities with like-minded professionals and opportunities to learn from industry experts. The final schedule is yet to be determined, please refer to the official website https://edcon.io/ for updates.

Highlights: If the schedule remains unchanged,

  • May 19 is Super Demo Day!

  • May 20-22 will be the main days of the EDCON conference, stay tuned!

  • May 23 will feature Community Events inspired by the United Nations General Assembly, where global representatives will come together to discuss their destinies and the future of Ethereum!

  • PS: The first and last day will take place at UDG, while the main venue is at Voco Podgorica hotel.

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